Friday, 26 April 2013

Young people: A week of stories

by Mark Corney 

The TechBacc Divide

The Department for Education has launched the new TechBacc. The policy rationale is to give vocational education the high status it deserves. The political rationale is to offer a rival to Labour's TechBacc.

Under the Coalition Government, the TechBacc is a measure rather than a qualification, bringing together a Level 3 core Maths qualification alongside a high quality Level 3 vocational qualification and an extended project.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Confused by the 'new norm'

by Mark Corney 

The Coalition wants 'apprenticeships or university to become the new norm for young people leaving school'. Apart from the reference to a 'new norm' this statement of education and skills policy is little different to that of the last Labour Government. 

The problem is that this formulation of policy is as confusing today as it was then. To grasp the confusion it is best to start at the end on this occasion and 'young people and leaving school' are uncomfortable bedfellows.